Takaful Insurance Africa

The term Takaful originates from the Arabic verb ‘’Kafalah’’ which means ‘’to help one another’’ or ‘’mutual guarantee’’. Thus the word Takaful refers technically to shared responsibility, shared guarantee, collective assurance, and mutual undertakings by a group. 

SomTakaful Insurance

Som Takaful offers a range of general and family takaful products to ensure that we fully satisfy the diverse needs of our target market. All our products are approved by our Shari’ah Council. 

Amanah Insurance

Amanah Islamic Insurance is an insurance company in Somaliland, Somalia and Kenya established towards the end of 2017. It practices legitimate cooperative Insurance which complies with the Islamic Shariah laws and on the basis of a Wakalah (agency) with a known wage. 

Horn of Africa Insurance

Horn of Africa Insurance was Established in 2018 by a management team with over 14 years of global insurance experience and over 44 years of financial services experience, Horn of Africa Insurance has brought international standard insurance products to Somaliland and the broader Horn of Africa market. 

Wadaag Insurance

Wadaag Insurance is a leading multi-line Islamic insurance company in Africa serving customers in the local and international markets. We offer a comprehensive, innovative, affordable, and bespoke range of insurance products including car, corporate, accident, goods in transit, and travel insurance to individuals, corporates, 

Albaraka Insurance

Al BARAKA TAKAFUL INSURANCE Ltd was founded as a limited company in 2018. Al BARAKA INSURANCE provides cooperative insurance which complies with Islamic Shariah laws on the bases of a Wakalah (agency) also known as wage. 

Tamini Insurance

Tamini is proud to be the first Islamic insurance company in the Republic of Djibouti. We practice cooperative insurance which complies with Islamic principles. Our passion for product innovation and service enhancement mirrors our commitment to meeting our customer’s needs and adding value to our products and services.